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EBG Bentosec

5×1 w/w  drying effect in micronised mineral in powder form

EBG Bi-Basic

Mineral extract with drying efect.


lncreases the  resistance to diseases by systemic absorption

EBG Botoil

Product based on vegetal extracts

EBG CC-Basic

Vegetal extract based on Horse tail.


Vegetal extract based on Cinnamon

EBG Citrus

Vegetal extract based on citrics peels

EBG Complet

Product made of fermentation broths

EBG Crisaphid

Product based on vegetal extracts

EBG Dryer

Vegetal extract based on Soybean Lecitin

EBG Endotrips

Thrips. Product based on vegetal extracts


Vegetal extract based on Jojoba

EBG K-Soap

Potassic Soap

EBG Lima-Clean

Natural product anti-slugs

EBG MicroBot

Product from fermentation broths

EBG Mimix

Regenerates and stimulates the plant

EBG Microid

Product based on fermentation broths

EBG Nemat

Specific for nematodes. Tagetes Erecta extract.

EBG Protect

Copper Lecitinate with Chitosan

EBG P-Soap

Phosphoric soap

EBG Proposec

Product based on Propolis extract

EBG Q-Basic

Vegetal extract based on Chitosan

EBG Repel

Natural repellent

EBG Soph

Product based on vegetal extracts

EBG Silisec

Drying effect with liquid Silica (Si)

EBG Seedoil

Vegetal extract based on citric seeds

EBG Sulfocal

Lime Sulphur 18,5%

EBG Sulfusec

Mineral poder with humidity regulator effect with Sulfur (S)

EBG Trip-Clean

Product based on vegetal extracts

EBG Urtic

Product based on Urtica extract

EBG Vegetoil

81% vegetal oil

EBG Worm

Specific product for Lepidoptera, aphids, spiders and caterpillars

EBG Zitrone

Fytosanitary broth booster and tensioactive.