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pH regulator with colour indicator

EBG Algife

Foliar fertilizer with iron,  amino  acids and seaweed

EBG Amino24

24% vegetal amino acids

EBG Bacillex

Resolution of bacteria and fungal diseases

EBG Bentosec

5×1 w/w  drying effect in micronised mineral in powder form

EBG Bi-Basic

Mineral extract with drying efect.


lncreases the  resistance to diseases by systemic absorption


Nitrogen fixination and Phosfore solubilization

EBG Botoil

Product based on vegetal extracts

EBG Brotamino

Developement and germination reactivator


Photosynthesis activator and biostimulator

EBG Cafix

Highly asimilable Calcium (Ca)

EBG Complet

Product made of fermentation broths

EBG Crisaphid

Product based on vegetal extracts


Copper (Cu) Gluconate

EBG Delta Trap Multi

Interiors coated with good quality glue for pest, we have to colocate inside a pheromone.

EBG Ecoset

Forms bacterization on the surface of the plant leaves providing vegetative viability to the plant

EBG Endoryza

Increases the nutrient and water uptake of plants and improve its tolerance to cold, hot climates and drought

EBG Endotrips

Thrips. Product based on vegetal extracts

EBG Fullcare

Disease  control with two type  of  Trichoderma.

EBG Fert Max

Organic  matter for fertigation with amino acids

EBG Floset

Natural flowering inducer and fruit setting


Enhancing quality, growth and colouring. Highly assimilable Potassium

EBG Nemat

Specific for nematodes. Tagetes Erecta extract.

EBG Orius

Orius Laevigatus

EBG Optimal

Reduces internal plant stress and improves fruit setting, fastening and homogenizing the fruits

EBG Protect

Copper Lecitinate with Chitosan

EBG P-Soap

Phosphoric soap

EBG Repel

Natural repellent

EBG Sticky Roll Y

Interiors coated with good quality sticky glue for pests. Resistant to rainy, stormy, wet weather conditions.

EBG Supfunnel

It is used as observation and fight for pest control. it needs pheromone.

EBG SwirskiiBio

Amblyeseius Swirskii

EBG Upfannel

It is used as observation and fight for pest control. It needs pheromone.

EBG Worm

Specific product for Lepidoptera, aphids, spiders and caterpillars